Makeblock Cooling Fan

Makeblock Cooling Fan

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What is Cooling Fan?

Cooling Fan is one of the electronic modules of mGiraffe. Connected to switching module FAN2, this module is used for the heat dissipation of 3D printer's print head. For replacing mGiraffe's fan or building your own 3D printer, this product will be the best choice for you.


• The cable is 80cm in length, with a XH-2P 2.5mm female port

• Dimension of the fan: 40*40*10mm


SKU 14405
Product Name Cooling Fan
Rated voltage DC12V
Rated voltage 0.08 A
Rated speed 7500-8000RPM±10%(After running 3~5minutes)
Operating temperature -10℃~+75℃(66%RH)
Part List Cooling Fan *1
Net Weight 16g (0.56 oz)