Makeblock Plastic Gear 56T(Pair)

Makeblock Plastic Gear 56T(Pair)

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What is Plastic Gear 56T?

Plastic Gear 56T is a kind of gear drives. It can mesh with other gears to drive various parts.

The gear has two bosses for positioning Makeblock parts. Gears also can be overlaid with each other through the bosses in order to make parts connected more stably.


• Number of teeth: 56T; Module: 1.0

• Material: Nylon, light weight

• A 8mm-diameter wheel inside which is compatible with junction box

• Little fiction force, high efficiency of driving

• Low noise


SKU 83452
Material Nylon
Color Black
Dimension 80x130x15mm (3.1x5.1x0.6 inch)
Net Weight 18g (0.63oz)
Gross Weight 20g (0.71oz)