Makeblock Plastic Gear 8T(4-Pack)

Makeblock Plastic Gear 8T(4-Pack)

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What is Plastic Gear 8T?

Plastic Gear 8T is a kind of gear drives. It usually works with motor shaft as a drive mechanism.

There is interference fit between Plastic Gear 8T and motor shaft, therefore the gear should be pressed into the motor shaft with effort while assembling, and has to be disassembled by nut wrench according to the building samples. If the gear has to bear great load and be connected with motor shaft tightly, you need to use glue such as 502 glue.


• Number of teeth: 8T; Module: 1.0;

• Material: Nylon, light weight;

• Easy to assemble without screw to fix;

• Little fiction force, high efficiency of driving;

• Low noise.


SKU                 83450                
Material Nylon
Color Black
Package content 4 x Plastic Gear 8T
Dimension 160x90x15mm
(6.3x3.5x0.6 inch)
Net Weight 3g (0.11oz)
Gross Weight 4g (0.14oz)