Makeblock Silicone pad(Pair)

Makeblock Silicone pad(Pair)

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What Is Silicone pad (pair)?

This is a shockproof pad mainly used on wheel, simple bumper, the feet of crawling robot and friction wheel (in mEggbot it can be used to stabilize eggs and the components to drive eggs).


Made of black environmental silica gel; hardness: 70HA; diameter: 23.5mm; height: 12.0mm; 1 thorough-hole and 2 blind holes (not thorough-hole) with 16mm distance in the middle, compatible with Makeblock parts. Use screws and nuts to stabilize it.


SKU 89020
Product Name Silicone Pad (Pairs)
Diameter 23.5mm
Height 12.0mm
Gross Weight 12g
Package Content (Quantity x Part Name) 2 x Silicone pad