Neuron Power Block

Makeblock Neuron-Power Block

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Powers the other blocks. Connect and press to power on. Press and hold for 3 seconds to power off.


The magnetic design at the back of Neuron blocks makes you can simply place your gadget on the magnetic surface such as whiteboard;

The redesigned magnetic Pogo Pin-connectors effectively prevent blocks from being connected incorrectly;

Real-time power display;

Automatically powers off after the block is disconnected, extending battery life;

Includes charging protection;


Operating Voltage: DC 5V;

Interface Type: Magnetic Pogo Pin;

Connection Lifespan: >100000 cycles;

MCU: mini58 (32-bit);


The block shall be charged at least one time every three months when it is not used.

Please do not power other blocks when it is charging.

Battery life which is under an ideal test environment is for reference only,and it would be influenced by the quantity of blocks which have been assembled.

As the characteristic of lithium battery, the battery capacity would decrease after recharging repeatedly. The battery capacity would not lower than 80% of initial value after 300 times recharged.


Pack List:

1×Power Block