Threaded Shaft 4*22mm(Pair)

Threaded Shaft 4*22mm(Pair)

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What is Threaded Shaft 4*22mm(Pair)?

This threaded shaft can be used as the revolving shaft of rotational joint in linkage mechanism. It is made of stainless steel – SUS304 and consists of a M4 thread shaft (at one end), a shaft shoulder (in the middle), and a linear shaft (at the other end). You can fix the shaft on a beam, bracket or plate by twisting a screw on. Also, the linear shaft can match with a 4mm shaft sleeve.



SKU 85009
Product Content

Threaded Shaft 4*22mm*2

Nut 4mm*2

Length of Thread Shaft 6mm
Length of Linear Shaft 12mm
Diameter of Shaft Shoulder 6mm
Net Weight 5g (0.18oz)