Threaded Shaft for Angular Sensor

Threaded Shaft for Angular Sensor

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What is Threaded Shaft for Angular Sensor?

Threaded Shaft is the connection part between linkages and Angular sensor. You can measure the angle of linkages together with the threaded shaft and Angular sensor.

The threaded shaft is unable to turn as connected to the linkage, so you just need to fix the threaded shaft on the linkage with a nut. The angle of the shaft is adjustable by 90 degrees a time, so you can adjust the initial angle of the angular sensor.


Features of the Threaded Shaft for Angular Sensor

• Material: SUS304

• Total length: 23mm

• D shaft (at one end): 15mm

• M4 thread shaft (at the other end): 6mm

• Square flange (in the middle): 8x8x2mm



SKU 85040
Material SUS304
Color Silver 
Package Dimension

60x100x10mm (2.4x3.9x0.4 inch)

Product Dimension 8x8x23mm (0.3x0.3x0.9 inch)
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3g (0.11oz)

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